James Patterson

posted Dec 9, 2018, 10:10 AM by David Alan Binder

James Patterson

Now I’d love to interview James Patterson or even take his master class.  I think that would be fantastic and 

I’d learn a lot.


Maybe I will make a go fund me for donations to get into that class.  That would be fantastic.

However, I do have something to say about James Patterson which is why I brought him up in the first place.


James Patterson’s first effort was turned down by 31 publishers.


That statement above is unbelievable.  Yet, it gives me encouragement.  So far, my submission rate is below 

that one by a lot but I am still submitting and attempting to jump that hurdle.


I figure that if I get to 10 or 131 it does not matter, I will continue to get published by a publishing house.


One of these days!  Yup, one of these days, I will make it and you will too!  We are in this together.


Come one and let’s help each other to get better and better until we are both published.  Send your work to me 

and we can help each other and the price is fantastic.  It is free!


If you want to donate to me then just do it through PayPal to ab3ring @ juno .com (no spaces).


All angels are appreciated and if I get enough, I’ll go to the James Patterson Master Class.