It’s Gonna Cost You

posted Sep 15, 2019, 9:25 AM by David Alan Binder

It’s Gonna Cost You


Just like that, degree or self-knowledge you’ve attained, everything has a price and it costs you.  And sometimes others as well.


So you have to decide how bad do you want it.  How much (time or effort or money) are you going to put into something before you do something else that is different?

We do this all the time with appliances, cars and sometimes even relationships.


You have to know where your boundaries are:  I’ll replace the muffler, brakes and filters, but if there is anything more than that that needs to be replaced on this 15 year old vehicle then it is not worth it.


So you break things into three piles. 

Pile 1:  I’ll do this and it is worth it.

Pile 2:  If the cost is this much (your predetermined amount) then I’ll have it fixed or continue doing that thing.

Pile 3:  Those things that do not fall in the two pile above.  Those are the things that ride along until they divide or determine themselves that they fall into pile 1 or pile 2.


That’s my two cents worth:

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