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Intention means your body or mind is "in tension"


Nerves, muscles, networks working together so be mindful of your systems and focus on how they affect each other and work together.


If those systems work together in harmony then it lifts your spirit and soul and those harmonics permeate your body.


Take a deep breath.


Please take a deep breath now.  Close your eyes.  Feel how that deep breath, that oxygen expands your lungs.  That oxygen is then absorbed into the blood stream and used in all parts of your body.


When you exercise you breathe deeply and that is because that oxygen fuels your muscles along with the right nutrients that course in your blood stream to those working muscles.


“The way all your body systems work together, in harmony, each helping the other, a symbiotic relationship that you cannot exist without.

The human body, your human body, is made of 11 vital organ systems, including the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous and endocrine systems.  Each of them has one and also sometimes multiple vital task(s) and they include the immune, integumentary, skeletal, muscle and reproductive systems.”
Note: partially quoted from

However, the author added some words within the quotes for embellishment.


The brain controls all those lovely systems sends those directions and signals through your body.

The saying that what you feed your body also feeds your brain is now more than ever true.  Snacks, fatty alternatives and downright unhealthy eating habits are all over North America and the world.


Healthy food is more costly.  Your body is worth it.


It also behooves us that when we lay down to breathe deep and feel how our back muscles relax.  How the nerves and the layers work together from base of skull to base of spine.  Being able to feel those layers, relax them, and use them to ease tension within our bodies is sublime.


This is called network spinal analysis (NSA) and the certification was pioneered by Donald (Donny) Epstein.  Tony Robbins and many other tout this and the effects of it.



It has done wonders for the wife and I and we have found a certified NSA person about an hour away. 


We have been going now for three or four years.  We are so advanced that at home we can partially “adjust” ourselves by letting our bodies and the way the muscles and tensions of nerves in our backs work together and attach to our skeletal selves; we can stretch and work our backs until if we have issues those issues subside or vanish.


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