posted Oct 26, 2019, 10:50 AM by David Alan Binder



Freud said, “Change from the inside is insight.”


If you do not change, then you have no insight.


Self-knowledge is a key attribute to each of us evolving into higher purposes and beings.


The opposite of self-knowledge is to atrophy and decay within ourselves.  Therefore, lack of insight is stagnation and eventual internal death.


This does not mean our motives are the same; we all have different drivers and MUST understand those drives for without that insight we are just reactionary beings.


This platform is dedicated to each of you Dear Readers and Dear Writers, to becoming an evolved person.  One who understands the self, controls the self, and becomes self-actualized.

A self-actualized individual recognizes opportunities for changes both from within and from outside of us to have many accomplishments and successes.


Those successes and accomplishments lead to more successes and accomplishments.  They build on each other like building blocks helping us attain those miracles that seem only possible to people who practice, live, think, breathe and view each day as a stepping-stone to stringing together milestones until we have advantages we may never have dreamed possible.  Or if we dreamed of them, then we finally realize in our actuality, in our lives.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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