Hold my attention

posted Jan 15, 2019, 4:22 PM by David Alan Binder

Hold my attention


Your job as a writer is to hold my attention.  If you are an excellent writer then it makes it extremely hard for me to put a book down.


Many authors are able to hold my attention.  Many authors do a relatively good job at this and a couple of dozen of my go to authors are able to 

satisfy this scenario of holding my attention time after time.

Hence, I read those authors consistently.

They are doing their job.


I assume there are a lot of bestselling authors that fill that bill for many of us.


Some bestselling authors bring other forces to the table like a timely title, a novel at a crucial time in history, or about a certain person that people 

are interested in, some even are able to bring market forces to bear simply through past efforts or plenty of money to buy a place at that bastion; 

The Bestseller List.


How will you do it?

Usually it will be more than likely, holding one person’s attention.  That person will be so pleased that the word of mouth marketing starts.  It starts 

slowing and builds until it becomes a juggernaut.


That is what we all should strive for and it is our job, our profession, our nemesis (sometimes).


Write on and let me help you with that next juggernaut.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder