posted Oct 11, 2018, 7:22 PM by David Alan Binder



Be careful of the gold rush.  It may be fabricated in that the “mines” have been salted with flakes or nuggets.


The real winners of the gold rush gamble were the saloons, the hardware stores who equipped the miners and the land sellers of the salted claims.


Of course, there was real gold to be found and it was found by the early arrivals and then the big companies that bought out other good claims or were able to contrive to take them over by intimidation, outright robbery and sometimes killings to get the claims to be abandoned.


I’ve seen podcasts by people claiming that if you write a novel for Amazon and are able to write it in one of the niche groups that are available you will have an instant best seller since those niche groups are underrepresented.


I’ve seen several types of people who work together to create products that writers and authors absolutely need to be able to write.  Writing software, coaching in various skills, how to run email campaigns and grab clicks or eyes or both.  Developing a following, editors are everywhere and willing to help and self-publishing schemes and the like.


Just be authentic and learn how to write and write extremely well.  Practice and develop your craft, not gimmicks.


Be skeptical.  The advice that it is too good to be true is absolutely correct.  Go with your gut feel; be overly cautious.


If you want some help drop me a line.  It won’t cost you anything, ever.


As long as I have room for clients then I will take them on.  ALL FREE!


My site is ad free.  I am very bare bones in my approach.  It is a value added site.  The value is given by me and received by you.  Yes, occasionally I request donations from people but hey, I gotta live.


If every one of you gave me $1 or $2 via PayPal that would be fantastic.


I’m not asking for any more than that.  Just a small contribution.


Be careful out there, the internet is full of things you don’t need.  Just like one of the many cheap stores or auction sites.  Too much merchandise and most of it of very low quality.


Thank you in advance to all of you angels or super chats, David Alan Binder