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Gatekeepers set standards and keep the riff raff out and make for a more civilized society.


Can't have the bandits wondering around with the village citizenry or havoc can ensue.


The more civilized we've become the less gate keepers are needed; however, even in these civilized times peacekeepers are required.

Now more than ever before.  Let's look at the writing and publishing aspects of gate keeping.


Before the year 2000 self publishing was in its infancy.  Publishing was very big business and like any business it was in place to make money, to bring civility to the market place, to ensure that books were of the quality standards set by each company.

I remember sending articles to magazines that had very low standards and still had difficulty to getting published.  This was in the 1980's and 1990's.

There were some "shops" that was just a person with a computer and printer and may or may not have any art or pictures.

Those places printed what they deemed printable.  One editor replied to me, "I do not want to see another topic about the aspects of dreams or time."

Yet, there were many articles being published about dreams and time.

So the big publishing houses held the keys.  Some people did not like those keys held in the way that they were.

So people created branches for poetry only, animals only, and informative articles about things that were not generally deemed to be in the main stream topics.


Now with the advent of self publishing starting around 2000 there is a flood of books, both online and hard copy.

Is the world better or worse for those books?  Yes and no.

It really depends on who you ask.  I've read books in the last ten or 20 years that needed editorial help in spelling and grammar and just keeping on topic and keeping my attention.

If someone will buy it then that was the criterion for publishing it.  Now not so much.  Only if someone has the money and determination and force to do it, they do publish with mixed results.

This means that there are a lot more books that won't interest the main stream; but it also means that there is so much more diversity in books that if you find a branch it may sell really well.


It used to be ages 4 to 8 for girls and boys.  Then ages 4 to 8 for boys and then another category for girls same ages.  Then possibly the age ranges narrowed even more and added to the genre a certain, race or creed or ethnicity or religion.

This results in a plethora of categories and if you hit the right one then you could hit a gold mine.

There were online course directed and just picking the right category to sell on Amazon and other portions of the internet.

Gatekeepers.  Seems we can't live with them or without them.


After all the information I've read on self publishing I still believe that going through a traditional publisher is a higher measure of success.


Keep searching for the right publisher.  It is individuals that screen and you just have to hit the right person at the right time and BINGO.  You win.  At least you can get published; you win the right to be published.

So wining is a matter of definition.  I win every time I write from conception to my publishing of the article online.


If ever my articles do not live up to your standards by all means let me know.  I see that I have two fragments in this article and I did not fix them.  See them?  I mean without copying into a MS Word document and checking it out.


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