posted Feb 10, 2019, 8:50 AM by David Alan Binder



Finding empowerment can sometimes be an issue if you don’t know the secrets to finding it.


Motivating yourself can be empowering.  Give yourself pep talks, pats on the backs for tiny teeny* accomplishments.


Any accomplishment can lead to other accomplishments.  Those accomplishments can be so rewarding.


Accept encouragement from others.  Yes, this helps boost your motivation and let them celebrate accomplishments with you.  Note:  If you don’t tell anyone then you are not sharing.


Look to others for motivation as well.  When you are feeling down listen to something that is upbeat, songs or talks, etc.


If you feel good then you can do some much more.  Take a walk, think about other things, apply yourself (momentarily, say a half hour or so) to another task or distraction remote from your writing.  You will be more rested and feel better and then apply yourself more to the task at hand.


Work out.  Yes, build your body so your mind can rest and while you are exercising, think about your novel, story, chapter, article or what have you and voila, you may find a breakthrough.


Action is the superior way to find empowerment.  Be careful there are two types of action.  Positive action or negative action and there is even inaction but we won’t discuss that since you are going to participate in positive actions.  Every step (positive action) you take towards a goal is empowerment.


Actions are a chemistry project.  If you have enough positive actions and string them together then it compounds like financial interest percentages work in your accounts.  Those percentage gains compound on itself, I mean it generates excitement, generates our own enthusiasm, generates interest (it peaks peoples inquiries and sharing), generates others enthusiasm in our work, and by our putting the paragraphs and pages together to become chapters until you have a whole book, article or novel.


Actions when strung together enables us to achieve unlimited success. 


All these things and more will help you find empowerment.  Be positive, be the little train that can, build your momentum until you become a juggernaut of typing / writing.


A Think Piece for my Dear Readers and Dear Writers, by David Alan Binder


*I intentionally inverted the use of these two adjectives.  One usually sees them as “teeny tiny” and maybe just for fun sometimes use “weeny-teeny” instead of “teeny-weeny”.  Not only use but play with words and see what happens.