Elevate your creativity

posted Nov 21, 2018, 7:26 AM by David Alan Binder

Elevate your creativity


How do you elevate your creativity?


Unleash your demons.  Write about all the injustices that have occurred in your life.  To you, to others, to people you care about.  That emotional 

outburst may not be publishable BUT it will be cathartic!


That purgative writing will cleanse you and will elevate your creativity.


I recently wrote my life history and it proves that in spite of all those odds stacked against me, I have prevailed.  I have fought the proverbial 

dragon and may be scarred for it but am also victorious.


Look at your life, be introspective to purge the demons that have followed you.


Baggage that you’ve been carrying for years must be let go of, once and for all.


Why carry that weight?  Why obsess with it?  Why have the past keep haunting your present?  Your future?


Write and live life free and put your passion into your writing to elevate yourself.


While you’re at it, let me help and proof, edit, ensure that your writing is of a quality.  If you run it past my eyes, maybe that will help with your 

submittal to a publisher or agent.