Do you believe you are powerful?

posted Oct 16, 2019, 7:23 PM by David Alan Binder

Do you believe you are powerful?


Let’s examine this thought.  Let’s examine it from both sides.


If you think that you are powerless, then you have lost motivation.  Without motivation, why try?  Why do anything, if it ultimately will not serve you.


If you eat then you gain power.  If you eat healthy then you gain more power.  If you exercise then you gain power.  If you think grand thoughts then you grow in intellect.


Why take care of yourself?  Why invest in the future through savings, through education, even raising children is a useless task if you think you are powerless.


Why vote?  It is only one vote.  Why pick up a quarter?  It is only 25 cents.  It will not enrich you that much; however, if you do not pick it up then you have 25 cents less than you would have.


Do you understand?  This is why we try.  This is why we attempt.  This is why we fail, we do not fail to lose, we fail in order to gain.


What do you gain by failing?  You gain so much more for the attempt than by doing nothing.


Failing gives you insight into how to proceed the next time or the next or then next to success.


There is no such thing as failure.  UNLESS…you will not learn from your failure.  Then you experience ultimate failure.  The failure to attempt to succeed.


These are powerful words, but only if you use them.  If you do not use them, then you know total, utter, complete failure.


I wash my hands to eliminate germs.  That is not wasted time; it protects my health and others around me.


Everything you do leads to grander and greater expectations.  It rises within you and swells your intellect and makes you more knowledgeable than you were the moment before.


There is no such thing as lost time, as long as you have learned from that expended time.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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