Don't ever hold back

posted Feb 11, 2020, 9:33 AM by David Alan Binder

Don't ever hold back


I write these articles several times a week and sometimes I feel like I might run out of ideas.

That is when I should write them and publish them and then wait for that next bit of inspiration that will help me write the next piece.

I am using all of my power and intellect and thoughtfulness, but I will never run out.

There is always more power, intellect and thoughtfulness.

So I never hold back, I just write and write until I run out of ideas.

Then the next day, since I've been thinking about it since I ran out of ideas, and lo and behold, I have more ideas to write about.

Isn't that wonderful?  Try it yourself.  Write and write and see what else you come up with.  Interesting!



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