Dabbler or Writer

posted Sep 25, 2018, 3:39 PM by David Alan Binder

Dabbler or Writer


I ask that question myself every day.  The question has to be asked, for if I don’t then I don’t write.


It is a reminder, a wakeup call, a call to arms.


Have you ever jumped off a diving board?  If you have then you know that you are either a diver or a non-diver.


Have you ever driven a car?  Same thing, you are either a driver or not a driver.  This can be gaged by if you are actually sitting in the car and driving then you are a driver.  If you are standing in the driveway, in the house, or sitting in the car, then you are not a driver.


Do you think holding a driver’s license makes you a driver?  No, it is the actual act of driving that makes you a driver.


Therefore, get to the keyboard or pen or pencil or whatever method you chose.  Be a writer.  Be active.  Every day.  


Now.  Are you a good writer?  That depends on the above paragraph.  If you don’t write every day then chances are you are not a writer and not even a good writer.


Think about it.


A Think Piece from David Alan Binder