Cords and Chords

posted Oct 18, 2018, 3:41 PM by David Alan Binder

Cords and Chords


There are cords and chords that run through your body.  The wife and I regularly have Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) performed on us.  NSA was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein.  You may see his site for further information.  Some people think it helps tremendously (such as Tony Robbins and Corey Wayne and others).  Some think it is a new age belief and doesn’t have any correlation to modern science.

All I know is it works for us.  (As they say with most anything, your results may vary.)

I certainly know that when I’ve bumped my “funny bone” is that it was not funny.  Sharp pain shoots up and down your arm.  You’ve actually not hit a bone at all you’ve hit a nerve.  Nerves are us!  For sure.

Without nerves there would be severe to dire consequences for humans.

These cords when struck can conduct pain.  The sensitivity index is quite high for nerves.  In an unconventional way though, our nerves can alert us or highlight a situation.

Music uses chords to soothe us (depending on the music).  When our nerve chords (yes chords) are strummed in the correct manner it can soothe us.

I had a twinge in my back when I grabbed a cooler out of the back of the car and lifted it over something between it and me and then I twisted and set it down.  Yeah, my back later reminded me; DON’T DO THAT!  So I lay on the floor on my tummy and systematically stretched and tightened and then loosened each nerve and muscle.


I later felt better.  I used the techniques I learned from NSA.  Again your results may vary.  I am NOT a doctor or chiropractor so I do not practice on anyone, ever.

Just like any facts that are presented to you, you must make some assumptions and do some analysis to see if you agree or disagree.


There is room in this world for both types of people.  Those who believe in something and those who don’t.


Otherwise, it would be a pretty dull world.


Open your mind once in a while and study something that you might not usually study.  You’ll be amazed at what you can learn.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder


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