Commit to this Moment

posted Nov 26, 2019, 4:15 PM by David Alan Binder

Commit to this Moment


Your lifetime all of it from your birth to now means nothing if you do not commit to the moment.


That moment is now.


All you have attained, all you have learned, all that you possess will be erased if you do not commit to the moment.  Commit to the now.


Your now is a fork in the road.  Your moment is a crucible and yet it is a promise.


Your now needs commitment that you will take the path, that you will put one foot in front of another, that you will take the steps and reach your goals.


Without your steps from this moment from the now, there is no future.


If your thoughts languish in the past then you are sacrificing this moment to the past.  If you dwell too much on your future, again, you are killing the now with thoughts of the future.


All the past does not matter, unless you commit and do something now.


Right now you are reading a motivational article that will benefit and propel you into making the right decisions and choices to take you from this moment to the next.


The next won’t happen, until the now if finished.  You can only take one-step at a time.  There are no steps that can be cut or bypassed or missed.


Each grade led from first to second, each step today led you from your bed to the computer or cell phone where you are reading this.


If you had not taken those steps, you would not be here.  Including the “mistakes” which are only part of the learning process.  There really is no such thing as “mistakes”; they are only decisions made with the facts that you had at the time and now knowing more information, you would not make those mistakes now.  So as learning piles up, mistakes are the learning moments that we add to the pile of “I’ll never do that agains” or the “well, that was pretty silly” or the “now I see how I or another suffers when I do that” and you go on and never do “that” again.  Or you repeat it until you learn not to do “that” finally.  Whatever “that” is.


If you don’t take the next steps, your whole future and your career might suffer for lack of movement.


Here I am propelling you from this moment into the next.


See you there, attaining your purpose and your goals.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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