Color by Numbers

posted Feb 19, 2019, 3:41 PM by David Alan Binder

Color by Numbers


There’s nothing wrong with coloring or painting by numbers.


The results can be very wonderful looking.


Someone else took all the ingredients for making a beautiful picture and simplified it so anyone that can follow basic instructions can do it.


It limits your imagination unless possibly you use different colors and not put the right colors in the right number.


Following the rules and codes and norms will get you some really good progress.


However, if you use your imagination and lots practice at creating your own pictures using your own colors and eventually after years and years achieving some measure of success.


Overnight success is practically impossible. 


Those who write children’s picture books can side track the system only once in a million times.  The person who wrote a children’s picture book without pictures broke all the rules and yet had success but only for that one time at breaking that one rule.  That’s cute and it can only done once by one person and never again.



Hard practice, quality practice, study and craft for years and turn out a quality and unique product and you will achieve success.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder