posted Aug 18, 2019, 10:38 AM by David Alan Binder



Boredom.  It is tedious.  It is monotonous.  It seems eternal.  The tedium in our lives is being replaced.


There is no more boredom.  There are TV’s everywhere, just about everywhere from waiting rooms to standing on que in some places.


It medicates the masses and gets their mind off of waiting.


If you are at say the nursing home, the hospital, even the library.  You don’t have to bring a book to read to spend the time.  You can use your smart phone.


It is really a not very smart phone.  It is actually a dumb phone.  It distracts you.  It also removes the boredom but what does it replace boredom with?  A wise way to use time.  Not usually.


Boredom can be used to fuel your imagination.  It can give you time to breathe.  To not think about anything.  Or to think about that solution to the energy crisis, the weather crisis, invent something, figure out how to make something that eases everyone’s lives.


There is not enough boredom anymore.  We actually need more of it.


Why spend your time playing games on your phone, FaceBashing, or Twixting those who don’t or won’t or are too busy doing the same to read yours.


Next time you are bored, enjoy it.  Relish it!


Use it to fuel your imagination.  Use it to change the world, or at least your life.


Use boredom to think about the complexity of the next project to make it easier for you to tackle it.


Use boredom to use your imagination to dream up fantasies, characters, stories, tales and then WRITE THEM DOWN.


That is the fuel of books.  The spark of novels. 

The domain of truly great people is how they use their boredom, their extra time, their spare time.

Live in the domain where it will propel you into the next version of you.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder