Blank Responsibly

posted Nov 4, 2018, 9:16 AM by David Alan Binder

Blank Responsibly


Have you noticed that there are commercials that say somewhere near the end to “blank” responsibly or products that have imprinted on them “blank” responsibly?


Like lottery tickets, play responsibly.  Or liquor, drink responsibly.  Do cigarettes say, smoke responsibly?  Or how about a book, read responsibly.  How about a cell phone, talk responsibly?


Any tool, a hammer, a saw, a drill could say use responsibly.

Do these statements absolve or limit any liability of the manufacturer or maker?  Shouldn’t they be responsible?  Pay a decent wage responsibly?  Give your employees benefits responsibly?  

Be responsible in hiring, no nepotism or favoritism or any isms.  We all know that will never happen, so what happened to companies’ responsibility? 

Do banks, bank responsibly?  Do grocery stores sell responsibly?  Maybe or maybe not depending on how fresh or out of date the items they are selling are on the label.  I had a friend that 

recently bought a half pie from a store a week or so ago.  The date actually said, 07-29-05.

There is no way that date was a good date, even if 07 is 2007 or 05 is 2005 that is a very old pie.


I think the real point is that, do we all have to be told to do whatever responsibly?  Are we children? 


Yes, there are laws and they are sort of enforced but white collar crimes or let us say acts that skirt the law but may not be out and out crimes are done all the time.  What is the penalty?  A 

few hundred, thousand, million or billion in fines.  So what?  These companies put in their “this is not admission of guilt, or shame, or whatever.  They just go on making more piles of money 

that will be used to line their pockets and hide the next mistake or misstep.


How about we all make a commitment to live responsibly and then we can eliminate those silly statements?


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder