Belief / Believe

posted Jan 27, 2020, 10:30 AM by David Alan Binder

Belief / Believe


Repeat after me, saying this sentence with the "I" in it meaning yourself.

"I believe that today is going to be a great day."


"Today I believe that everything is going to work out and things will start going my way."


"I am beginning to believe that I will accomplish (insert accomplishment you want to achieve today or this week here)."


In all of these statements there is IMMENSE power.


Read them again out loud.


The last one indicates that you do not have a firm belief yet you are beginning to believe.  That is powerful in the fact that you are beginning to accept your destiny and your birthright and it is not contingent on anything except your belief and action upon that statement.


One more extremely interesting thing to note is that the most powerful word in each statement is "I".

The "I" means "you" and you are the most powerful person in your world.


Your beliefs do not control you, you control your beliefs.


Do you believe in aliens?  Do you believe in conspiracy theories?  Do you believe in life on another planet somewhere?


Everything that you believe in or don't believe in is controlled by you.

If you don't believe it then it is not true; however, the opposite is extremely true, if you DO believe it then it is true no matter how many people argue to the opposite.


That is why there are so many belief systems in place in our world. 


Each individual holds the power to what they believe and no one else holds that key.


Think about it and examine your beliefs.  If you believe you are lucky then you will find evidence of that.

If you believe you are unlucky then you will find that evidence as well.


Everything you believe you justify and find evidence for in every place you look.


Be careful what you believe.  It can be your master or you can be the master of it.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder

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