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posted Mar 11, 2020, 8:38 AM by David Alan Binder

Ask Me Anything


No, I'm not talking about the website.  You can ask me anything about writing, cruising, project management, or any other topic.  If it is relevant to you it is relevant to me.

You may bring up any topic you'd like.

My expertise:

I’ve interviewed are New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, Jim DeFelice author of American Sniper, David A. Adler author of 250 books, Dandi Mackall author of 450 books (one is a Hallmark movie-My Boyfriend’s Dogs), UCLA Professor of screenwriting - Richard Walter, Bill Crider author of mystery fiction, Craig Johnson for the series Longmire, Robin Burcell, Barry Lancet (Japantown, was optioned by J. J. Abrams), Craig Dirgo and Boyd Morrison (all THREE are coauthors of different books with Clive Cussler), Robert Gatewood, authors with over 20 famous publishing houses two authors that have a TV special for Hallmark; plus authors in (10 countries) Japan, England, Wales, Canada, India, Scotland, Ecuador, Spain, Australia, Denmark and (46 states) USA plus Puerto Rico.  Over 340 authors of collectively almost 5500 books!


I am an accomplished writer having a BS Degree from a University (dean's list) and a Master's Degree from SDSU (3.4 GPA).  I have been published 14 times, won 2nd place (serious category) with a monetary prize, won two honorable mentions and wrote numerous professional papers and hundreds of reports.  Over the years, I have won a plethora of radio contests with prizes ranging from an inflatable boat with motor, concert tickets by the score, and totaling in all thousands of dollars.


I've been an assistant scout master for 7 years and have three children who are eagle scouts and a daughter who was the youngest person to carry an Olympic Torch in Iowa.


Also my professional career spans decades working, in order, as a lawn mower, dishwasher, car hop, detassler, state fair worker (2 summers), surveyor, draftsman, missionary / social worker, cashier, designer, supervisor, project manager.  He has worked in the energy industry for 28 years, 17 years at a nuclear plant (fossil plants as well), 1 year in geothermal, 15 years in irrigation, solar, steam, hydro and other various types of energy.


I look forward to talking with each of you soon.


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