Are you settling?

posted Dec 23, 2018, 9:42 AM by David Alan Binder

Are you settling?


Every day we make compromises.  Every day there are pushes and pulls and give and take.  Who goes first at 

an intersection?  The person on the right.  What if three vehicles or four from three or four directions all arrive 

at the same time?  What then?


Yes, the pushiest goes first or most aggressive.  Aggressiveness works for some.  Being able to defer 

satisfaction breeds higher-level intelligence according to studies.  If you can avoid eating a marshmallow for 5 

minutes then that person can have two marshmallows.  Some people / children can do this and others can’t or 



Sometimes we settle for the second best.  Or maybe, a person that thinks it is good enough for who it is for. 

There is that type of mentality.  Or as one person where I worked put it, “it is good enough for government 

work”.  Meaning that it did not have to be extremely high quality, it just needed to be done.


If you work on an article or book or novel and stop after the fifth or tenth draft, is it good enough?  Are you 



There are things you can settle for and others one has to hold the line and be determined to not settle.


In the end, the result is what you can live with.  Some people have high standards and some don’t.


It does not mean one is better than another, it just means that it suits the person whom is making the 



A Think Piece by David Alan Binder.


Don’t settle; let me help you to attain the best.  I will critic your writing without criticism.  I will discuss ways 

to make your writing better.  Ultimately it is up to you.