A Memory is Made…

posted Jun 9, 2019, 11:54 AM by David Alan Binder

A  Memory is Made…


Please, answer this question, “When is a memory made?”


Is a memory made when you are thinking about going on a cruise or a vacation?


Is a memory made when you book or plan said cruise or vacation?


Is a memory made when you pack for that cruise or vacation?


There may be memories of preparing to go on a cruise or a vacation, but the actual memory of a cruise or vacation is only made as you are doing it.


When you are in the act of vacationing or cruising, then and only then are you making the memories of that event that will last.


Likewise, your memory of writing a book or article is only made after that book or article is published.


The act of doing makes certain memories but the actual event has its own fantastic memories that one can only dream of unless one does it.

A graduation is not realized at the time of taking courses and studying for that exam or doing homework.  A graduation is only realized when one graduates.  Then the memory of graduation is fulfilled.


The accomplishment realized, the goal achieved, the achievement is finally done.


Let us all realize our goals by actively pursuing them UNTIL they are a memory and we have actually done that particular thing we want for ourselves.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder