Affirmation – Information - Confirmation

posted Feb 26, 2019, 3:32 PM by David Alan Binder

Affirmation – Information - Confirmation


·       Affirmation

a.    A indictor for yes

b.    A chant or meditation type speech that you tell yourself (or others) that all is well, all is whole and all will work out correctly

·       Information

a.    Information can be vital or useless details, it is up to us to sort out.

b.    What is information to one may not useful to another, we all have a sense of what is pertinent to us and sometimes others.

c.     Information can be shared or hoarded, which are you, a sharer or a hoarder.  That says a lot about your personality and your mindset and how you chose to operate with others.

·       Confirmation

a.    A receipt or tangible evidence that a transaction took place

b.    Sometimes the confirmation is a nod of the head and very informal and sometimes it is a validation through a contract or numbered transaction


Run those three words over in your mind and think of maybe some other ways to think about them and use them; other than what I have suggested above.


This is not an intelligence exercise or a word “smithing”; it is just potentially adjusting your point of view or mine or thinking of ways to view these words other than as I have.


It is a good thing to stretch yourself and your mind once in a while.


Hope you enjoyed it, I have!  Eve n the word “smithing” above is highlighted in my Word document as a misspelling.  Creative writing I call it, Word thinks it is an error.  Which do you think?


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder