posted Jul 7, 2019, 8:38 AM by David Alan Binder



Dear Readers and Dear Writers, this is an article that I hope is illuminating.  Not that I want to reveal what happened to me but to expose the perpetrators of abuse.


Abuse in any form is abhorrent.


My abuse story will be different from yours; however, there are key details that we can glean that may help others who are on the edges.  Those who live with, or have loved ones, or know of people who have been abused and also the abusers.


Abuse is a virus.  It is contagious; it perpetuates itself and spreads from one abuser to the abused who may become an abuser or to others who experience the abuse.


This goes for sexual abuse, power abuse, privilege abuse, manipulation abuse, predatory abuse of any type.


The abuser feels power and dominance over the abused.  The abuser feeds on these feelings and needs to feel those feelings not just once, but repeatedly over time.  It is like a drug.


They live for the next one.


This virus mutates and manifests itself in many ways.


The abused feel lonely, singled out, hopeless, depression and may act out.  Typically, the abused are bribed to keep quiet.  Watch for those who lavish presents on your loved ones.  Why are they giving and are overly generous?


The abuser strategy is to separate, alienate, show love to those who feel unloved.  It is not love.


The manipulative tactics are various and insidious and may include anything at all that the abuser can bring to bear to create those situations.


Positions of power and authority work extremely well.


I see billboards for elder abuse now.  It was always there, just becoming more prevalent and manifest.


Inform yourself about abuse and abusers so you and your loved ones avoid it.


Don’t blame yourself if it happens to you or your loved ones.  You are not omniscient.  No one is and there are some things that cannot be avoided.


However, it does not mean we should be blind to the many traps and techniques that are used.


The recovery from abuse has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  Including treatment from drug and alcohol addiction and the pharmacology treatments for depression and treatment of other off-shoot symptoms of abuse.


We can recover together.  We will not and cannot forget and we certainly will never ever forgive; but we will remember and use those memories to help free ourselves from this wretched vomitus betrayals. 


And we will fight this the rest of our lives; go in peace and calmness.


Meditate and gather your resources.  Draw strength from those that truly love you and our recovery will be eventual.


Thanks for listening and reading, Dear Readers and Dear Writers.  A Think Piece by David Alan Binder