9 Times Down, 10 Times Up

posted Jul 19, 2019, 3:29 PM by David Alan Binder

9 Times Down, 10 Times Up


In this game, the game of life the way to succeed to learn to ride a bike is that every time you fall down that you get up and get back on that bike and try to learn to ride that beast again.


I learned to ride a bike that way.  An old rusty tiny kids bike.  NO TRAINING WHEELS.  No one holding onto the rear seat to hold me up.


Just plain try it.  Fall down.  Try it again.  For days, and then weeks and then more than a month.


I had so many skinned knees and elbows; it looked like I’d been in a fight with a beast.


It was a fight and my beast was a monster of a beast named “my bike”.


My incentive was all around me.  My cousins and brother were riding bikes and I was not.


I could not run fast enough to keep up with them.


I wanted to be part of that pack, that gang of kids who were bike riders.


So I kept trying.  I may have stopped for a day or two when it hurt so severely and I cried because I could not do it.  Could not even attempt it one more time that day or the next day.


For every time I fell I got back up one more time than the number of times that I fell.


The writing business is the same way, my friends.  Submit a hard time consuming story or novel and then do it again and again.


Just keep doing it one more time than the number of rejections and you have the formula for success.


As long as submissions = rejections + 1, that is your proven formula.


Not get out there and ride.


We shall all ride together and be a pack, a gang, a group of writers who enjoy being published and success.


A Think Piece by David Alan Binder