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Welcome to my website. This site is dedicated to my horse, my family, and the others who own horses on our farm.

Our barn is over 100-years-old and not too bad for an old barn. It keeps our horses warm, dry, and happy. There are currently three horses in our barn. Chance is a 14-year-old registered Rocky Mountain Horse; Flicka is a 3-year-old registered Paint Horse; and Ayana is a 4-year-old Paint Horse. We have had many horses, but these three are loved and special to everyone.

My family is a huge help in taking care of our farm. My Aunt Carolyn owns Chance, but I ride him. My cousin, Alana, shares Ayana with her father, my Uncle Phil. Flicka is my horse, but is sometimes ridden by Paige, Alana's younger sister. My grandpa owns the barn and helps take care of the horses everyday. I am in charge of training Chance and Flicka and their overall diet. My Uncle takes care of his horse but is more than willing to help with the others. The horses have brought my family closer and made us stronger.