Cowboy Action Shooting with the Dakota Badlanders

"The Dakota Badlanders". Were a Single Action Shooting Society (S.A.S.S.) affiliated group of cowboys and cowgirls that provided entertaining shoots & events at the Guthsville Rod & Gun Club.

Sadly cowboy shoots have been terminated at the Guthsville. A couple of Cowboy/Cowgirls made a mistake, but would not come forward to admit their error. NOT THE COWBOY WAY IN MY BOOK. Without cooperation and lack of integrity of the guilty pair. It was time to pick up camp and move on.

On September 12th 2015 we cleaned out the cowboy shed at Guthsville. I want to thank the board of directors for working with us to preserve these props for use at other clubs. You can see our props at some of the upcoming shoots, at The Boothill Gang of Topton, the Matamoras Mavericks, the Jackson Hole Gang & the reestablished club in New Hanover, the Welsh Mountain Regulators. 

Thank you to all that helped set up and run the shoots at Guthsville. The work of many cowboys and cowgirls have provided a fun, interesting and sometimes challenging events for cowboy action shooting in eastern Pennsylvania.  

No more cowboy shooting at Guthsville

All of our props have been given to other clubs in the area.