Unit - 03 : Initial Three Questions

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These Ulema (Scholars) request him (Hazrat Mehdi) that if he does not allow them to Bait on His hand, he will be held responsible for the whole Ummah destruction and killings. Hazrat Mehdi then find no way out, will call them at a location between Maqam-e-Ibraheem and Hajr-e-Aswad and take oath on the fight together till the last conquer. This “Oath” of Ameer (Leader) and Mamoor (Followers) is called “Bait” in Shariah. Therefore he will take Oath from these Ulemas on obeying Shariah and fight (Jihad) till death. Due to this migration and Jihad there established an Islamic Khilafat internationally. Muhammad migrated from Makkah to Madina and initiate Jihad, Hazrat Mehdi will migrate from Madina to Makkah and get this Sunnah of Jihad alive again and Muslim’s dream will come true.

3. One more ground on which all that claimed to be Hazrat Mehdi proved them liars is that before emergence, Hazrat Mehdi will not know his hidden abilities and led his life as a normal person…so how come he claim to be Hazrat Mehdi? Hazrat Ali (RA) narrated “Muhammd said : Mehdi will be from us Ahl-e-Bait, Allah (Subhanahu T'ala) will grant him the abilities in just one night”.

Sheikh Abdul Ghani (Rahmatullah-oTaala) in the commentary of this Hadith wrote that “Allah (Subhanahu T'ala) will grant him Leadership and abilities in just one night at once”.

Allama Ibn Kaseer (Rahmatullah-oTaala) in the commentary of this Hadith wrote that “Allah (Subhanahu T'ala) will grant him with special “Fazal” and “Taufeeq” and then let him realize of his new status as Hazrat Mehdi”.

Hazrat Maulana Badar Alam Mirthee Mahajir Madani (Rahmatullah-oTaala) wrote “there resolved a fact that there may raise a question by some people having low Imaan that when Hazrat Mehdi has such an open fame then how come his fame be hidden from the general public and so waiting for him to emerge in the state of distress has no reality. But the word یصلحہ اللہ فی لیلۃٍ has resolved this as no matter how many people posses these abilities but the spiritual and piousness will kept hidden till the time of emergence arrive and he will be granted these abilities in just one night, after which people and he himself will exposed with the reality that he is the Mehdi”.

From the above details which are the extracts of the books ( I have 2 dozen books in front of me right now and the list of these books is given in the end of this book) let us know that being Mehdi is a spiritual position besides the leader of Jihad and the people posses such spiritual position does not claim for any position. Although, their intellect and abilities let people to withdraw their designations in their honor. Whereas, the stage of Mehdi is not full of pleasures despite it will be full of pains as to be Mehdi does not mean that he will just hold a designation and spend his time taking gifts from the public and despite solving the problems of the oppressed Muslim Ummah creates a new one but it means that he will stand against all of the disbelievers of the world, fights with them, help the Muslim Ummah putting his life in danger and struggle to form a Khilafat. Now who can claim such designation and who are Mirza Qadyani and Gohar Shahi to claim such.

Here this should be specially kept in mind that the way Hazrat Mehdi will be weeping while scrubbing his face with Kaaba curtains for the condition of oppressed Muslims, the same way these 7 Ulemas will be curious about him accompanied by.300 men from all around the world which will also reach Makkah in search of him. They will be ready to give up everything they have. The curiosity of Ameer (Leader) and Mamoor (followers) for the Muslim Ummah is a thing on which Allah (SWT) make tough things easier, give honor to serve the Ummah and provide the right thing at the right time. Thus, whoever has interest in collecting information about Hazrat Mehdi, he should come to the right path first, obey Allah teachings and serve humanity and then think about Islam not for himself. Should help Ulemas, Sheikhs and Mujahideens who work for the betterment of Ummah. Should keep reserve enough part of his Life, Wealth and resources for the Muslim Ummah. These are the people (or their generations) who will be able to join this Blessed Caravan. Just predictions, forecasting, imaginations and feelings without the passion of giving sacrifice will not be of any worth.

After these two answers there may be some of the readers who think that the first question is finished, actually at this point the first question is raised with a new aspect. Who will be Hazrat Mehdi? All the discussion on this question we gone through is literary and intellectual. But is it enough for satisfaction? Is the topic said to be completed without assimilate. I think if leaving the topic here will create a chance for the misguided and disbelievers assimilate anywhere and to confirm anybody as Hazrat Mehdi.

On the other hand Allah (SWT) and Muhammad has kept its signs hidden as They kept the signs of Qiyamah (Dooms day) hidden. No one can accurately predict them. Though if the discussion goes between the surely predictions and no predictions then maybe there will be no restriction to express, especially when the purpose is only and only to invite Muslim Ummah to come to the right path. So, let’s throw some light to this aspect.