Ning Dai


About Me

I'm a PhD candidate in the School of Statistics, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. My research interests include Markov chain Monte Carlo methods and applications, Bayesian models, as well as neuroimaging data analysis with an emphasis on Alzheimer's disease. I worked on covariance matrix estimation for multivariate Markov chain Monte Carlo with my advisor Prof. Galin Jones. I'm currently working with Prof. Mark Fiecas on regional homogeneity of resting-state fMRI signals.

I obtained my Bachelor of Science from the School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Curriculum Vitae (April 2018)


N. Dai and G. L. Jones. Multivariate initial sequence estimators in Markov chain Monte Carlo. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, July 2017. arXiv
N. Dai. Inference for penalized spline regression: Improving confidence intervals by reducing the penalty. arXiv


R package mcmcse: Monte Carlo standard errors for MCMC (with J. M. FlegalJ. Hughes, and D. Vats).



STAT 3022: Data Analysis, Summer 2017
STAT 3011: Intro Statistical Analysis, Spring 2016

Teaching Asistant

STAT 5101: Theory of Statistics I, Spring 2017
STAT 8101: Theory of Statistics 1, Fall 2016
STAT 8111: Math Stat I, Fall 2015
STAT 3022: Data Analysis, Spring 2015
STAT 5101: Theory of Statistics I, Fall 2014