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Harmony mosaic:EARTH

What is mosaic:EARTH?

TckTckTck partnered with OneWorld UK to create mosaic:EARTH -- the first unveiling of a collaborative online photo/video media project using “deep zoom” technology. It’s a high resolution composite image of the Earth as seen from space, but made up of thousands of “tiles” – photos and videos from TckTckTck partners, individuals, and green businesses that show the diversity of our collective movement. Viewers zoom in and out of the image. Double clicking on particular image and one can read/listen to the individual’s message. It’s easy for individuals to add their own message (no registration required).

What are we doing with this tool?

mosaic:EARTH will be the “Take Action” component on the HARMONY movie website. HARMONY: A NEW WAY OF LOOKING AT OUR WORLD paints a picture of a growing awareness in people around the world that cuts across boundaries of geography, race, economic status, and religion. It’s a bold call on us all to make a difference now, while we still have the chance. See links below for more information on the TckTckTck HARMONY partnership.

The mosaic:EARHT is unique in that it will also be available on multiple websites via an easily embeddable widget which will allow partners, bloggers and NBC affiliates the ability for their visitors to upload their own content and view the interactive mosaic on their own websites. The widget provides a link to view the HARMONY movie trailer as well as a link to TckTckTck’s Partner Actions page, where individuals can learn about dozens of current partner campaigns and how they make a difference in the world.


HRH Prince Charles, NBC and the Harmony producers were eager to provide a “take action” feature on their web properties, as the film is dedicated to inspiring people to make a difference in the world. The film website (which will be provided in all press materials) will include a prominent “take action” feature that will drive visitors to a TckTckTck partner actions web page currently in development. (NOTE: the film includes information about clean energy solutions, but does not mention or endorse nuclear energy or carbon capture.)

Check out all the relevant links to promote the mosaic and HARMONY Movie

About the Future

mosaic:EARTH is seen as a living “time capsule” for our age documenting and collectively visualizing the concerns, passions and hopes of a generations of people who are living during a critical time on our planet. In 2011, the mosaic will continue to grow with images and voices from around the world, along with a growing list of ways people can get involved via TckTckTck’s alliance of nonprofit partner actions. To see the current list of partner actions visit the Tck website:

The HARMONY movie and mosaic:EARTH will be traveling for special screenings around the world. To stay up to date, you can follow The HARMONY Movie’s Facebook page:

How can you get involved?

Go to our media sharing site on MediaFire where we have loaded up all the assets for you to use.
            To download the files you will need to log in and the details are below
                        Password: !live!tck!now!

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is a paid account set up by Claire Carlton. Please be very careful with these login details and share only with trusted people. Remember to download content you only need to share a link people DO NOT need to login.

1. Embed the mosaic:EARTH WIDGET

If you have a campaign action that you would like to see listed in the Featured Actions of the mosaic:EARTH this can be done. All we ask in return in that you embed the mosaic:EARTH widget on your web site. The link on the widget at the bottom right hand corner which says 'More ways to get involved' links off to the Tck Tack Action page no matter which web site the widget is hosted on. That translates to potentially a lot of traffic.

Send an email to Claire Carlton with all the details or to find out more.

Here is the iframe widget which you can now use to directly embed the final version of the widget into your website. The easiest method is to create a standard article post for your website and then simply insert the iframe code…

<iframe width="530" height="640" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px; border: none" frameborder="0" src="" scrolling="no">frames not supported</iframe>

PLEASE NOTE: The widget is set to 530 pixels wide x 600 pixels and at this point cannot be modified. Additional size widgets will be made upon request if possible given the very tight time frame.

2. Promote on Facebook and other social media platforms

3. Tweet about it

SAMPLE TWEETS FOR THIS WEEK - to promote watching the movie which airs on NBC USA at 10pm Friday Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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