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Neither we are astrologers nor we are gamblers, so we don’t predict market…

We are market followers, we don’t play with the market; we follow the market and try to understand the best possible techniques or the best possible combination of technical analysis and fundamentally strong companies where investment can be done.


We don’t believe in boasting, our work does the talking.


Following the trend we try our level best to keep our calls, up to the market trend so we follow them till the trend gets change.


We try to keep our website up-to-date with timely information which we receive from our sources, so that we can serve you in a better way.


To have a competitive edge, our team members use different and innovative combinations, so that our advise really works for you in the best possible manner.


(Daily Capsules) DC is managed or run by professionals who have a long experience and expertise in the Indian market, and they keep close eye on the market which helps them to follow daily charts and movements efficiently. 


Regrets are as personal as fingerprints, which can’t be changed… so why to remorse…. take decisions with the help of mediator and make your life easy and secure.