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"History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. We want to live in

                    the present and the only history that is worth a tinker's damn is the history we

make today." -- Henry Ford

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    On this day:


    Tuesday, Apr. 1 (Day 92; 274 days left): 

     * The date was christened "All Fools Day" to mock people who refused to observe the New Year in January after the switch to the Gregorian calendar: 

    Born: Otto von Bismarck (1815); Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873); Milan Kundera (1929); Jimmy Cliff (1948)


    Wednesday, Apr. 2:

    *  Ponce de Leon lands at St. Augustine, FL and establishes the oldest colony in North America:


      Born: Hans Christian Andersen (1805); Émile Zola (1840); Buddy Ebsen (1908); Emmylou Harris (1947)


    Thursday, Apr. 3: 

      *  Union forces under Ulysses S. Grant capture the Confederate capital at Richmond in 1865.  Eight primary sources who wrote about the Civil War, including Grant:


    Born: Washington Irving (1783); Henry Luce (1898); Marlon Brando (1924); Doris Day (1924); Jane Goodall (1934)


    Friday, Apr. 4:

      * World Trade Center in New York dedicated in 1973.  The restaurant atop the skyscraper wass "Windows on the World":


    Born: Dorothea Dix (1802): Isoroku Yamamoto (1884); Tris Speaker (1888); A. Bartlett Giamatti (1938) 


    Saturday, Apr. 5: 

      * Winston Churchill resigns from office at age 81 in 1955, as his health starts to fail.  He was the second oldest English PM:


    Born: Elihu Yale (1649); Joseph Lister (1827); Booker T. Washington (1856); Spencer Tracy (1900)




    Sunday, Apr. 6:

      *  Birthday of James Watson in 1928.  He, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins would discover the double helix structure of DNA in 1953:


     Born: Raphael (1483); Joseph Medill (1823); Anthony Fokker (1890); Merle Haggard (1937)


    Monday, Apr. 7:

      *  The largest battleship ever built, the Yamato, is sunk in 1943 as part of Operation Ten-Go 200 miles N of Okinawa:


    Born: Charles Fourier (1772); Will Keith Kellogg (1860); Allen Welsh Dulles (1893); Ravi Shakar (1920)


    Tuesday, Apr. 8:

      * Venus de Milo discovered in 1820 on the Aegean island of Melos.  She now resides at The Louvre in Paris:


    Born: Mary Pickford (1892); Seymour Hersh (1937); John Havlicek (1940); Julian Lennon (1963)


    Wednesday, Apr. 9:

      *  First question posted on Google Answers in 2002: Why is the sky blue?

    Born: King Leopold II of Belgium (1835); Paul Robeson (1898); Ward Bond (1903); J. William Fulbright (1905)


    Thursday, Apr. 10:

      * U.S. Patent Act passed in 1790.  How to determine the life of a patent:


    Born: William Booth (1829); Joseph Pulitzer (1847); David Halberstam (1934); Paul Theroux (1941)


    Friday, Apr. 11:

      *  Apollo 13's oxygen tank ruptures in 1970, two days after launch.  It prompted a crisis that would be documented in Ron Howard's 1995 Oscar-winning film of the same name:  http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=175917

    Born: Cap Anson (1852); Dean Acheson (1893); Oleg Cassini (1913); Ellen Goodman (1941)


    Saturday, Apr. 12:

      *Yuri Gagarin is the first person to escape the gravity of the Earth in Vostok 1 in 1961.   His first word: "Poyekhali!" or  "Let's go!":


    Born: Henry Clay (1777); Herbie Hancock (1940); David Letterman (1947);  Vince Gill (1957)




    Sunday, Apr. 13:

      * Thomas Jefferson born in 1743.  Besides writing the "Declaration of Independence" and president, he founded the University of Virginia -- with these goals:


    Born: Guy Fawkes (1570); Butch Cassidy (1866); Jack Chick (1924); Garry Kasparov (1963)


    Monday, Apr. 14:

     Human Genome Project finishes its work in 2003, based on a composite gene selection from 13 people:


    Born: Christiaan Huygens (1629); John Gielgud (1904); Loretta Lynn (1935); Julie Christie (1941) 


    Tuesday, Apr. 15:

     *  U.S. income taxes due at midnight tonight.  Why Congress defines deductions and losses so specifically:


    Born:  Leonardo da Vinci (1452); Charles Willson Peale (1741); Bessie Smith (1894); Heloise (1951)


    Wednesday, Apr. 16:

      *  Pan American Airways finishes the test of the amphibious Yankee Clipper in the Atlantic before beginning service in 1937:


    Born: Wilbur Wright (1867); Charlie Chaplin (1889); Henry Mancini (1924); Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1947)


    Thursday, Apr. 17:

      * Seymour Frank coins the term "elevator pitch" in 1995 for the short business plan summary now well-known to venture capitalists:


    Born: J.P. Morgan (1837); Isak Dinesen (1885); Thornton Wilder (1897); Jennifer Garner (1972)


    Friday, Apr. 18:

      *  The 1906 San Francisco earthquake, estimated to be 7.9 on the Richter Scale, destroys most of the city by fire.  Most city records were lost, including those at the Coroner's Office:


    Born: Clarence Darrow (1857); Yankee Stadium (1923); Ali Khamenei (1939); Melissa Joan Hart (1976)


    Saturday, Apr. 19:

      * Dr. Albert Hoffman, of Sandoz Labs, takes LSD for the first time in 1943 in what's referred to as "Bicycle Day" because he rode home on one afterwards:


    Born: Eliot Ness (1903); Dudley Moore (1935); Al Unser, Jr. (1962); Kate Hudson (1979)




    Sunday, Apr. 20:

      * Warner Brothers and Western Electric announce a joint effort to bring sound to film, called "Vitaphone" in 1926.  A complete history of attempts to add sound to film:


    Born: Adolf Hitler (1889); Joan Miró (1893); Lionel Hampton (1908); George Takei (1937)


    Monday, Apr. 21:

      * Polish astronomer Aleksander Wolszczan discovers the first "extrasolar" planets in 1994.  Several more have since been found:


    Born: Charlotte Bronte (1816); John Muir (1838); Anthony Quinn (1915); Queen Elizabeth II (1926)


    Tuesday, Apr. 22:

      *  First National League baseball game in 1876 with the Boston Red Stockings beating the Philadelphia Athletics 6-5.  Within 10 years, the World Series would start:


    Born: Immanuel Kant (1724); Vladimir Lenin (1870); Robert Oppenheimer (1904); Peter Frampton (1950) 


    Wednesday, Apr. 23:

     * In 1988 Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon," one of the top-selling albums, falls out of the Billboard 200 after 741 weeks:


    Born: James Buchanan (1791); Max Planck (1858); Lester Pearson (1897); Michael Moore (1954)


    Thursday, Apr. 24:

      *  Hubble Space Telescope launched aboard Shuttle Discovery in 1990.  It would make it possible to verify the existence of black holes:


    Born: Robert Penn Warren (1905); Shirley MacLaine (1934); Richard M. Daley (1942);  Barbra Streisand (1942)


    Friday, Apr. 25: Liberation Day -- Italy (115)

    ANZAC Day -- Australia and New Zealand

      *  Pioneer 10 travels beyond Pluto, becoming the first manmade object to leave the Solar System.  The plaque aboard contains details about the people who sent it:


    Born: Guglielmo Marconi (1874); William Brennan (1906); Ella Fitzgerald (1917); Al Pacino (1940)


    Saturday, Apr. 26:

      * The Gestapo, the Nazi secret police, is formed in 1933.  They would prepare a British "blacklist" with 2,300 people to be arrested in the event of an invasion of England: 


    Born: John James Audubon (1785); Frederick L. Olmstead (1922); Rudolf Hess (1894); Charles Richter (1900)




    Sunday, Apr. 27: Eastern Orthodox Easter (118)

      * British Parliament passes the Tea Act in 1773, leading to a party by "Indians" in Boston Harbor during the month of December


    Born: Samuel Morse (1791); Ulysses S. Grant (1822); Rogers Hornsby (1896); Coretta Scott King (1927)


    Monday, Apr. 28:

      *  Mutiny on the HMS Bounty.  The mutineers would return briefly to Tahiti, then settle volcanic Pitcairn Island:


    Born: James Monroe (1758); Lionel Barrymore (1878); Eugene M. Shoemaker (1928); Jay Leno (1950)


    Tuesday, Apr. 29: Greenery Day -- Japan (119)

      *  American comedian Jerry Seinfeld born in 1954.  By 1999, he would be the highest-paid entertainer in the world:


    Born: Willliam Randolph Hearst (1863); Duke Ellington (1899); Emperor Hirohito (1901); Dale Earnhardt (1952)


     Wednesday, Apr. 30:  (120)

      * Louisiana Purchase Treaty signed in Paris in 1903.  Six years later it would lead to the Lewis & Clark Expedition -- though Meriweather Lewis would never see the modern state of Louisiana:


     Born: Willie Nelson (1933); Kirsten Dunst (1982)



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