December, 2020

December, 2020 -- 365 days of Google Answers

"The amount of new information stored on paper, film, magnetic, and optical media has about doubled in the last three years."

How Much Information? 2003, (University of California at Berkeley)

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On this day:

Monday, Dec. 1:

* Playboy Magazine hits the news stands for the first time in 1953. Though the magazine was quickly profitable, Playboy TV took 13 years to get into the black:

Tuesday, Dec. 2:

* Ford introduces the new Model A in 1927. Pricing for its predecessor and some Ford history:

Wednesday, Dec. 3:

* King Camp Gillette applies for a patent on a safety razor with disposable blades in 1901. How to care for those razor blades:

Thursday, Dec. 4:

* First Heisman trophy awarded in 1935 to Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago. One woman has married two Heisman winners:

Friday, Dec. 5:

* Charlemagne becomes King of the Franks in 771. Pictures of Charlemagne's Chapel in Aachen, Germany:

Saturday, Dec. 6:

* The explosion of a munitions ship in Halifax harbor on this day in 1917 was so powerful that it was used in preliminary estimates of the strength of the atomic bomb:


Sunday, Dec. 7:

* Misinformation following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941:

Monday, Dec. 8:

* John Lennon murdered in New York (1980). Lennon's family background:

Tuesday, Dec. 9:

* On this day in 1992, the separation of Princess Diana and Prince Charles is announced. Other significant events for this date:

Wednesday, Dec. 10:

* On this date in 1910, the first five Nobel Prizes were awarded (Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Medicine and Peace) were awarded in Stockholm:

Thursday, Dec. 11:

* Six years ago on this day China entered the WTO. An early estimate of the impact:

Friday, Dec. 12:

* Largest one-day drop in the Dow-Jones Industrial Average, 24.39% in 1914. Tracking the Dow:

Saturday, Dec. 13:

* Ellis Bell publishes 'Wuthering Heights' in 1847. That was Emily Bronte's pseudonym at publication. Bronte never married:


Sunday, Dec. 14:

* Birthday of Nostradamus in 1503 at the start of the French Renaissance. His prophecies on war:

Monday, Dec. 15:

* Birthday of Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, French engineer. Nine other things to do in Paris besides visiting his radio tower:

Wednesday, Dec. 16:

* Boston Tea Party in 1773. More on the tax:

Thursday, Dec. 17:

* Dealing with awkward gift-giving requirements at Christmas:

Friday, Dec. 18:

* What it takes to start a Christmas tree farm:

Saturday, Dec. 19:

* Lutefisk is a Scandinavian lye-soaked cod dish served at Christmas. But is it Norwegian or Swedish?

Sunday, Dec. 20:

* The Louisiana Purchase was completed on this date in 1803, which soon made New Orleans the second largest port in the U.S.:


Monday, Dec. 21: Winter solstice

* On this day in 1933, 20th Century Fox signed 5-year-old Shirley Temple to a studio contract. She appeared in "Little Miss Marker" early in 1934:

Tuesday, Dec. 22:

* The U.S. Golf Association was formed in New York City on this date in 1894, forerunning the creation of the "golf widow":

Wednesday, Dec. 23: Emperor's Birthday -- Japan

* Holiday tipping protocol for personal services people:

Thursday, Dec. 24:

* With the support of Puritans, in the mid-1600s the English government suppressed Christmas as a holiday:

Friday, Dec. 25: Christmas

* "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" in many languages:

Saturday, Dec. 26: Boxing Day

* Though Boxing Day is widely celebrated in the Commonwealth countries, its origins are uncertain:

Sunday, Dec. 27:

* HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin on board, sets sail in 1831. Darwinism's development during the 19th Century:


Monday, Dec. 28:

* Born on this day in 1934: Dame Maggie Smith, known widely as Prof. Minerva McGonagall in the "Harry Potter" movies. Send her a birthday card here:

Tuesday, Dec. 29:

* Battle of Wounded Knee in 1890, considered the last between American natives and U.S. troops. History of other battles:

Wednesday, Dec. 30:

* The Poison Prevention Packaging Act is signed this day in 1970. A history of poison warnings:

Thursday, Dec. 31: New Year's Eve

* New Year's Eve in the desert: