Daiji Kawaguchi

7-3-1 Hongo
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033

Research interest: Labor Economics, Empirical Microeconomics

Recent publications:

Izumi Yokoyama, Kazuhito Higa and Daiji Kawaguchi (2019) “Adjustments of regular and non-regular workers to exogenous shocks: Evidence from exchange-rate fluctuation,” forthcoming in Industrial and Labor Relations ReviewManuscript

Daiji Kawaguchi and Soohyung Lee (2017) “Brides for Sale: Cross-Border Marriages and Female Immigration,” Economic Inquiry, Vol. 55, pp. 633–654.

Daiji Kawaguchi and Norifumi Yukutake (2017), “Estimating the Residential Land Damage of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident,” Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 99, pp. 148-160.

Shota Araki, Daiji Kawaguchi and Yuki Onozuka (2016) "University prestige, performance evaluation, and promotion: Estimating the employer learning model using personnel datasets," Labour Economics, Vol. 41, pp. 135-148. [manuscript] [link] 

Daiji Kawaguchi and Yuko Mori (2016) “Why wage inequality have evolved so differently between Japan and the US? The role of supply of college educated workers,” Economics of Education Review, Vol. 52, pp. 29–50. [link]

Daiji Kawaguchi and Tetsushi Murao (2014) “Labor-market Institutions and long-term effects of youth unemployment” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 46, No. S2, pp. 95-116. [link]

Daiji Kawaguchi, Tetsushi Murao, and Ryo Kambayashi (2014) “Incidence of strict quality standards: protection of consumers or windfall for professionals?” Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 57, No. 1, pp. 195-224. [link]