Summer School on Advances in Speech and Audio Processing (ASAP) 2016    

ASAP- Summer School on Advances in Speech and Audio Processing is being organized as a part of summer school activities at Speech Research LabDhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT), Gandhinagar. It will provide opportunities to students, researchers and professionals to enhance their fundamentals and get exposed to cutting edge research areas in the field of speech signal processing. The schools constitute of a theme topic and tutorials surrounding it.

ASAP, 2016 is targeted mainly towards graduate/post-graduate students, college teachers/faculty in educational institutions and scientists/researchers in research laboratories/industry who are interested in this area and would like to learn more about this area from some of the best researchers in the world.

FOCUS: Advances in Speech and Audio Processing: from Representations and Model to Applications

Speech is most powerful and natural form of communication between the humans. Human speech is produced by the nonlinear coupling of excitation source with vocal tract system. Speech can be made up of phonemes, syllables, words, phrases and finally, sentences. Speech carries various levels of information such as speaker identity, linguistic message, gender, health condition of speaker, personality, and the acoustic environment of recording, etc. The major focus of this summer workshop is to increase awareness of the present and future studies related to representation and modeling of speech signal and finally, using this knowledge for several speech technology applications such as speech and speaker recognition, speech synthesis, audio search, voice conversion, etc. Another salient feature of this summer school is doctoral consortia talks where four doctral students will deliver invited talks.

Poster for ASAP 2016 can be downloaded from here.

On the Spot Registration is available on 19th July, 2016.  However, Please upload form or send us your detail via mail to
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