I am a 5th year PhD student in Applied Mathematics at Brown University, working with Matt HarrisonMy research interests are broadly in statistical data analysis and machine learning. 

Research Interests:
I belong to the Pattern Theory group at Brown. My current research focuses on analyzing neuron spike train data, modeled as a multivariate binary time series, to infer an underlying neuron network using conditional inference techniques. Conditional inference focuses on the parameters of interests, while being robust to various background effects that influence neuron firing rates. I also compare performance of conditional likelihood estimation to other classical approaches such as MLE and Bayesian estimation using the full likelihood as well as non-parametric approaches using Dirichlet process priors. I have also worked on data analysis and modeling projects in the fields of civic data, epidemiology, genetics & evolution, and petrophysics. Further details about my recent projects can be found here.

My Background:
Before coming to Brown, I was an engineering student at IIT-Bombay, India. I completed my B.Tech and M.Tech degrees in Aerospace engineering, specializing in flight dynamics and control systems. In my masters thesis, under the guidance of Ravi Banavar and Hemendra Arya, I studied the time-optimal control problem of a spherical mobile robot with internal actuators. Posing the problem in a differential geometric framework  and using Poincare's theorem allowed us to narrow down the set of candidate optimal trajectories. Apart from dynamics and control, I also took several classes in thermodynamics and computational fluid dynamics.

In my free time I love to cook, read and dance. I was a member of the Brown ballroom dance team, and also the IIT-Bombay inter-college dance group InSync. I have classical training in Bharatnatyam and had my Arengetram at the age of 12.


Dahlia Nadkarni
PhD Candidate
Division of Applied Mathematics
Brown University