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Robots make learning fun!

When you are having fun then learning is easy!

DAGU design and produce
robot kits and accessories
with the goal of educating
as well as entertaining our


Free your

use  a

Micro Magician

Lets you do

with a little

The Micro Magician robot controller is easily programmed with the
Arduino IDE and comes with a software library that provides features such as:
  • Impact detection
  • Sony IR decoder
  • DC motor control
  • Stepper motor control

The compact board has
these features:

  • Small: 60mm x 30mm
  • USB & ISP interface
  • Low voltage 3.6 - 9V
  • 5V & 3.3V regulators
  • Polarity protection
  • ATmega328P @ 8MHz
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • FET motor controller
  • Electronic brakes
  • IR receiver with LED
  • Drives 8x servos
  • Xbee / Bluetooth port


the manual


The service droid is a low cost robot body designed to fit a Rover 5 chassis (sold separately).
The kit can be used with any controller type or sensor combination to suit the customers needs.
8x servos are included in the kit. The shoulder servos are 12Kg.cm with metal gears.
All servos have ball bearings on the output shaft.

The Arm is a unique design that is controlled by a single, 12Kg.cm metal geared servo.
Grippers are kept level with the ground at all times so liquids won't be spilled.
Each arm can lift a maximum of 450g (1 pound).

The rotating wrist are supported by 4x ball bearings each to limit sagging under load.
The pincer gripper can grip objects from 20mm to 150mm wide.
The unique sweeper gripper can pick up objects lying flat on the ground.

The assembly manual for this kit can be downloaded here.

Arduino Libraries

Instruction Manuals

Sample Code

Motor and Servo specifications

Support on LMR

Robot Projects on MAKE Projects
Robot Projects on  Instructables 


YouTube Videos

Product Photos

Please note: The Arduino IDE is constantly evolving
 and as such later versions
may not work with an older
products. For example, Version 0018 should be used

for Mini-Bots as later versions compile the sample
code into a larger program
that will not fit into the
ATmega8A memory. Currently all DAGU products
released before 2013 have
sample code that was
written using either version 0018 or 0022.
Products released in 2013 will use version 1.04 or later.

If you are new to Arduino then Dave from Sparkfun
has a great beginners tutorial here:

Rover 5
now available in
Military Grey

Explorer PCB
Now your 2 motor
Rover 5

Ready to

  The explorer PCB
  • Motor drivers
  • IR sensors
  • 5V and 3.3V regulators
  • Servo support
  • Battery charger for NiMh
  • large prototype area
  • Mounting holes for an Arduino bread boards and a pan/tilt kit.

Mini Driver

Simple, Low cost
Perfect for beginners!

The Mini Driver is an Arduino compatible controller with a built in dual FET "H" bridge rated at 2.5A per motor.

8x servos can be powered directly from the battery.

Analog pins include +5V and Gnd pins for powering sensors.

Built in USB interface and battery monitor.

Hello, my name is
Russell Cameron.

I have been designing products for DAGU since 2009. I've now created this support page to help customers get the most from DAGU products.

I've been a member of letsmakerobots since 2008 and have always provided product support there.  It is a great site where you can get help not just from myself but from other members of the robot building community as well.