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FSU has its own Dagorhir Student Organization. Check us out!

Message Boards

This space is for members to communicate with each other.
Here you can share your ideas, your Characterization or anything else you want.

Combat Rules
Need a break down of the rules? Confused about what weapons do what kind of combat damage?

Downloadable Content
Here you can download helpful information to inform others about Dagorhir or help you make your own weapons.

Dagorhir in the Media
Have you seen Dagorhir on TV or in your local news? Here are some great clips of Dagorhir getting exposure in the Media.

Gear, Equipment & Supplies
Want to learn how to look good on the battle field and make the best weapons?
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A World Starts to Unfold... Will you be a part of it?

*Check out this vid of Ragnork XXII

Ragnork XXII - Thanks Mithris