Welcome to the
Realm of Middle~Earth
We are an educational historical renactment group that uses the combined martial arts styles found in “Dagorhir”, “Belegarth” and “Hearthlight”.

Dagorhir (which translates to "battle lords" in author J.R.R. Tolkien's Sindarin Elven language) as well as Belegarth (which translates to "mighty fortress") and Hearthlight are all a sport and a battle game that combines fast-paced, full-contact combat simulation with elements of live-action role-playing. We engage in a safe, full contact style of sparing that utilizes solid but safe equipment.

Our battle games combine elements of both history and fantasy, allowing participants a wide range of character choice.

We study historical fighting styles as well as the arts and crafts of the Middle Ages in such a way that entertains and educates. From the western martial arts, to fiber crafts we will offer a wide range of activities.

Our ranks are open to all looking to spar, learn, and have fun. Come sign up and lurk on the Realm Bulitin Board for a time.

Our Realm encompasses the Illinois cities: Taylorville, Jacksonville, and Danville

Or drop us a line for more information.
Sir Gheldar Blackthorn,
High King of Middle~Earth
 Bids you welcome to his lands.

Territories of Middle~Earth

Ettinmoor Battles @
Jacksonville, Illinois

Minas Morgul Battles @
Manners Park in Taylorville Illinois

Dead Marches Battles @
Kickapoo State Park in Danville, Illinois


The Dagorhir Realm of Middle~Earth

Upcoming Events
Jan 16, 2016

May 27-29, 2016

Sept 17-18, 2016

Despite the apparent size and heft of the equipment it's really quite safe. Neither participant wears or needs armor according to the well established rules.


______________________________________     Guilds, Households and Units

House Hyborea

Blood of Fenrir

House Dolen'Anar



See the world famous Black Company and our own Fergus McAskill (as seen on Wreckreation Nation!)



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