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Braille Phone - [2nd prize, USID 2009 Design Challenge (link)]
                        [to be presented at Space-X, Vienna, 2010, (link)]
                        [presented at India HCI 2010, IIT Bombay, (link)]
                        [presented at World Usability Day 2009, Shanghai]
                        [presented at User Friendly 2009]
                        [Design Registration acknowledged under Mobile Telephones in Indian Panel Office]
                        [Media: The future of things, (link)]

A device based on haptic communication. Tactile feedback from a height- varying refreshable display panel forms the basis of interaction.

The interfaces shown in poster are part of a complete wireframe model.
The phone dimensions are in accordance with international braille size standards.

Click picture to view full size poster presented in USID.

Design process is summarized below.

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