Gaems that r fun 4 oll

Pls Noet: If text is in wierd places please change zoom to usually 90% so things look normal
-I've Added a bunch of games from this one website:
-I've Removed some bad games from here just cus der bad.
-I have next week's Gaem Ov Da Weak.
-Am back! Toon in weakly fur noo gaems!!!! ----------------------------------------------Hextris(⋆⋆⋆) () = Perzenel Favritz
- ------------------------------------------------------Math Effect() ()= Gaem Ov Da Weak
- --------------------------Game of The Year() (Unitie Playa Requird)
- ---------------------------------------------------Windows 93()
- ------------------------------A Dark Room()
- --------------------------------Gridland()
- ---------------------------------------------------Recursi()
-                 (Unitie Playa Requird)
- Sand Game()
- Party()
- Frenzy()          
- Bites() Of Salem()           (Blokt) (A Count Requird)
- Game()            
- Game()      
- And Moon()                (Blokt)
- WarFare( (A Count Requird)   (Mobile compatibility)
- Match()
- Dimensional MC()
- Game()
- Of Death()       (Blokt)
-                                                    (Mobile compatibility)
- Breakout()