Rims come in many different shapes sizes and styles. Styles are your personal choice. 

Here are the things i would immediately check on my car and about the mags before buying them.
  • Size: measure the room between the wheel arches, don't forget the travel on the suspension and the size with the tires on. 
  • Shape is the most important of all three, although it seems obvious the wheel must be almost perfect circle and I would recommend getting them checked for bumps or bends in the rim. they are hard to pick up with your eyes but you can go to Firestone to check this out. 
  • There is also wheel offset to consider, this is how far in or out the mag design is in relation to the outer rim. You should try to get the offset the same as your old mags. If the offset is different the the wheels may stick out a bit.


If you buy your set of mags from The Mag Warehouse or other registered retailers they should be relatively safe and there is not any real need to get them checked unless you have problems. If you buy of trade me then i would strongly recommend getting them checked before you buy. To get them checked you can go to Firestone. If they offer to weight them (with small squares of metal) just return them to the owner and get your money back because it is a very unhelpful method of fixing them.


If you drive with a bent mag- 

  • you will likely feel vibrations through the steering wheel. 
  • the car may pull to one side and be less fuel beneficent. 
  • These are also common signs of badly balanced wheel or buckled tire (tire not mag). 
  • You should get that checked out before you return the mags. 

if your old wheels were ok then it is probably the mags. It is very easy to change your mags just loosen the bolts holding the mags in place, jack the car up fully take the bolts off and pull the old mag off. 

To replace it with the new mag simply slide it on, do up the bolts to finger tightness, lower it back down to the ground and fully tighten the bolts. Don't forget with most mags you can see through tho the disk break, caliper and shock spring so you may want to replace some of these while the wheels are off.

 there is much more to learn about mags and if you want to learn more plese send me an email below.