Nothing looks beter then a car that has just been lowered- removing the tractor like gap between the top of the wheel and the arches. For performance and handling a low car will handle much better. When the car is originaly set up manifacturers have to take unevin road and speed bumps into account. In most cars the suspention is soft for comftorble ride witch realy does nothing for the handiling and cornering.

Remember that if you have or plan to put on a body kit you may not be able to lower it so far or it will scrape along the ground every time you go over a bump or pot hole. Idealy you should be able to take all normal road surfaces, but dont forget about the little plastic mcdonalds bumps. If you live or work on a road that is covered in speed bumps then dont lower so far. The safeist amount to lower is about 1.5" but if your car is already low like a BMW then you may not want to go so far.

Tip: If you are going to get mags for your car that are bigger than the originals then lower after you put them on because if your mags are larger you will have to lower more to make up for the extra height.

How to lower:

There are several methods of lowering. the best option is to buy new shocks. Take your old ones out measure top to bottom and buy new ones that are approx 1.5" shorter or to your satisfaction. Also dont forget as you get lower you should also change the rating (to get harder) to make sure you are not much more likly to roll, flip or scrape the side of your car on the ground. when they are harder you will also find thats when the handling drematicly changes. you should feel the car corner faster as the main effect.

The less recomended option is to simply chop the shock spring down. Other than rubbing on the inner side of the metal holding the spring in, you are also asking a peice of metal to do its job with a huge hunk taken out of it. The worst thing of all is the ratings will be horibly wrong and you willscrape the hell out of the sides and bottom of your car. you can only lower a small amount but it will still creat wear on the spring holder.