Merk / Type DAF YA 5442 ALK  (autolaadkraan)
 Laadvermogen 5 ton
 Aandrijving 4 x 4
 Omschrijving Vrachtauto, 60 kN. 4x4, Autolaadkraan  /  Truck, Cargo
 Bouwjaar 1984
 Motor DT615– 6 cylinder–6170 cc– 151 pk      DH825- 6 cylinder-8250 cc- 163 pk
 Wielbasis  3.85 m.
 L x B x H  
 Geproduceerd  16
 Foto: W. den Dunnen 

 HIAB 2070 ALK (autolaadkraan) en 5/7-tons Rotzler HZ05/2-96 lier 

Wheels & Tracks 9
The Air Force has invested in 16 DAF Y A5442 5-ton 4 x 4 trucks with HIAB loading cranes. Some of them are equipped with an 8-ton recovery winch. The new vehicles replace the 20-years-old DAF YB616 6-ton 6 x 6 recovery trucks on airfields at home and at bases in West Germany.