. DAF YA-4440 _ DAF YAD-4440

 Merk / Type DAF YA 4440 (YAD 4440)
 Laadvermogen 4 ton
 Aandrijving 4 x 4
 Omschrijving Vrachtauto, 40 kN, 4x4, Algemene Dienst  /  Truck, Cargo
 Bouwjaar 1978
 Motor DAF DT615– 6 cylinder – 6170 cc –  151 pk
 Wielbasis  4.05 m.
 L x B x H  7.19 m. x 2.44 m. x 3.42 m.
 Gewicht  7000 kg
 Geproduceerd  Y-4440 serie: 7188 voor de KL, 67 voor de KM / Kmar - totaal 7255 stuks 
 Foto : DMV DAF F218 kantelcabine

Wheels & Tracks 6
Deliveries of the DAF YA4440 4-ton 4 x 4 trucks to the Netherlands Army have been completed. The first contract, for 4,000 units, was awarded in December 1976. In 1977 and 1978 supplementary orders were received for 2,500 and 688 units respectively. All 7,188 had been delivered by October 1983 and it was the largest order - in monetary terms - which DAF had ever received from the Defence Ministry. Another 67 of the 4-tonners were supplied to the Marines and Marechaussee (military police). bringing the total of YA4440s to 7,255. Many carry a universal shelter, made by Fokker. DAF Trucks are now working on an order for over a 1000 military 10-ton trucks (2300 Series, 6 x 6 and 4 x 4), also for the RNLA. 

Wheels & Tracks 8 
To replace some of its ageing transport, the Portuguese Army has ordered 300 DAF 4- ton 4 x 4 trucks. They will be assembled locally, by DAF importer EVICAR. As partcompensation, Portugal will supply 100 UMM 4 x 4 light trucks for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.

Wheels & Tracks 16
Also on show in Amsterdam was one of the Portuguese UMM Entrepreneur 4 x 4 vehicles which have been supplied to the Netherlands Army under a partcompensation order. DAF is supplying 300 YA4440 4-ton 4 x 4 trucks to Portugal (for local assembly by DAF importers Evicar) and 100 of the UMMs had to be accepted as part of the deal.