DAF YLZ-2300

 Merk / Type DAF YLZ 2300
 Laadvermogen 10 ton
 Aandrijving 6 x 6
 Omschrijving Vrachtauto 100 kN, Hydrokran laag/hoogwerker
 Bouwjaar 1996
 Motor DAF DHS825– 6 cylinder – 8250 cc –  184 Kw
 Wielbasis  5.35 m.
 L x B x H  
 Geproduceerd  1
 Foto : 

 Hoog/laagwerker Hydrokran Swisslift AG BIG 12-18

Wheels & Tracks 66
The Netherlands Army Engineers ordered 10 low/high working platforms designed by Hydrokran of Germany. Based on the DAF YAZ2300 chassis the sophisticated system enables personnel to work under a bridge with the vehicle standing on it, but also up to 23 metres above the ground. The prototype is shown.