DAF FT 2800

 Merk / Type DAF FT 2800
 Aandrijving 4 x 2
 Omschrijving Truck, Tractor
 Bouwjaar 1974
 Motor DAF DK*1160 - 6 cylinder – 11600 cc - 169/213 kw
 L x B x H 
 Foto : 

 Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) in W-Duitsland

Armies & Weapons 52 1979 
To fulfil the logistics requirements of the BAOR (British Army Occupying the Rhine), the British Army authorities have decided to entrust road transport tasks to vehicles of not exclusively military conception, but of standard commercial origin. After attentive evaluation, a large number of Dutch DAF F 2800 trucks have been purchased, and these have confirmed the validity of this choice with their daily work. The complete reliability of the vehicles, their ease of maintenance and the high standard of comfort of the DAF tractor units have, thus, once again been able to prove themselves to an important cliënt like the British forces of the BAOR.