This year students from all parts of the world will plant Daffodil and Tulip bulbs. During the same week in November (November 20-30, 2010) we will plant Daffodils and/or Tulip bulbs.  We will share with each other about the temperature, latitude and longitude and many other things related to growing bulbs in our own country. There are other plants that can be planted in the same family.  Sometimes it is not so easy to get tulips and daffodils where you are!
  Family Liliaceae family

In the southern hemisphere we plant in May.

A special story about Daffodils and changing the world - one flower at a time!

Miss Rumphius a story about creating beauty shared with us by Yu-Han, from TMUE, Taipei, Taiwan

We looked up to see the latitude and longitude  of each town to see where they were in the world.  Use this link to understand LATITUDE and LONGITUDE. We looked them up on a map too. View the world from from 35785 km up.  See where it is day time and night time. If you have a website we can link to about your school and the project please post that too and we will "hook it all up together!"

We are part of an online network of teachers and students from around the world that collaborate on projects together and try to build bridges between people and make the world a better place.  If you are members of IEARN you can join our conversation here.

Sample classroom weather observations.

Daffodil Project in NYC posted on the MY HERO website.