Taipei - Taiwan

A. Name of teacher:
Dr. Su-hsun Tsai
B. Grade level:
 Senior, university students, age 21-22
A. School information
1.    Name and address of class and school
Course for the class: Multimedia and English Language Teaching
Department: Department of English Instruction
School: Taipei Municipal University of Education (TMUE)
2.    Number of students in class and school
23 students in the class, total 4,738 students in the university campus
3.    Size of school
44,329 square meters, located at the downtown center of Taipei City
4.    School history
Our school got established in 1895.  She is one hundred and twelve years old now focusing on teacher-training since established.
B. School program
This is a university for teacher training.  All our graduates are trained to be good teachers for primary schools covering all subjects, and the students from our department is for the English subject.
In addition to the teacher-training program, our department also offers students various courses including linguistics, British and American literature, as well as many other language courses.
5.    List school calendar from the session dates (holidays and special
events that may affect your participation).
We have a national holiday on October 10, December 25 in 2011, January 1, and April 4 in 2012.  From January 14 to February 20, there will be a winter break and no one will be in school then.  Within the winter break, everyone also celebrates Chinese lunar new year from January 22 to 26.
Our class for the course of multimedia and ELT will come to an end on January 13, but our students promise to take more care of the plants until late May.

A. Your community
1.    Name of your community
2.    If not a city, name and size of nearest city
3.    Location of your community:

4.    The population of your community
There are about 2,630,000 people as residents in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan Island.  However, during the day time, there are more than 4,000,000 people working in the city as Taipei is the commercial and political center in Taiwan.
Please feel free to share any other information about yourself that you think would help us to know you better.
Our teacher, Prof. Su-hsun Tsai, has been joining the Daffodil Project for several years.  However, we are new to the project, as usual every year.  In the past, it was always the first year of the graduate students in our department who planted the bulbs.  This year, it is the first time that we, the senior students of the department, get involved in the project.  We are curious how the project can be linked to our course, Multimedia and ELT.

13. Coordinates:
Taipei, Taiwan:
Latitude 25° 02' 08 N
Longitude 121° 30' 49 E