Greenville - USA

A. Name of teacher: Jackie Batson
B. Grade level: Eighth Grade

A. School information
1.Name and address of class and school
Greenville Middle
339 Lowndes Avenue
Greenville, SC 29607 U.S.A.

2.Number of students in class and school
150 Eighth Graders
900 students in grades 6 through 8

3.Size of school
Middle School

4.School history
Greenville Middle School began in 1938 as Greenville Junior High School. It
was located on Prospect Hill at the head of what is now McBee Avenue. The
facility, originally constructed in 1888, was the first public school building in
the city of Greenville. The land was originally part of a 400 acre tract
purchased in 1788 by Lemuel J. Alston from Colonel Thomas Brandon.
Brandon had received the land as a grant from the State of South Carolina
in 1784. Alston paid Brandon the sum of 217 pounds and 10 shillings for the
During the school's early life it served grades one through seven. Later,
other grades were added. Eventually it was called Central High School after
other schools were built to house the elementary grades. The name Central
was changed to Greenville Senior High School. It remained at the McBee
Avenue-Wakefield Street location until the new Greenville Senior High
School was completed on Vardry Street in 1938.
Greenville Junior High School served the community from 1938 until 1965 at
this location. During this period, 82 separate school districts in Greenville
County were consolidated into one unified district. In 1949, the
superintendent reported to the trustees that the junior high school was
overflowing with 1,600 students. This overcrowding lasted until 1956 when
Hughes Junior High School was built. Racial integration began at Greenville
Junior High school in the school year 1964-65. Five Afro-American students
attended: one in the seventh grade, two in the eighth grade, and two in the
ninth grade.
School trustees reported in 1965 that as soon as new facilities were built,
the old building would be abandoned. A new building on a tract off East
North Street would be ready for use in the fall of 1965.
Greenville Junior High became Greenville Middle School when the district
adopted the middle school concept. In 1997, Greenville Middle School
became one of the Select Schools as part of the Magnet School Concept.
The theme is traditional studies with emphasis on reading and writing across
the curriculum. In 2008, the school board approved the addition of the
Global Studies component to the school's mission plan.
B. School program
  Magnet School for Traditional and Global Studies

Mission Statement: E = MC2 "enlightenment equals making cultural connections"

5.List school calendar from the session dates (holidays and special
events that may affect your participation).

A. Your community
1.Grennville Middle School
2.Name of community: Greenville, SC
3. city : Greenville
4.Location of your community:
 Longitude: 82.37 W
 Latitude: 34.86 N

5.The population of your community:City of Greenville about 62,000 people

Greenville is located on the east coast about 130 mi north of Atlanta, GA. We have a very full growing season here as temperatures during the winter can vary from warm to very cold. Ice storms are typical here now, creating challenges for early spring growth.