Nashville - USA

Many teachers from my school have signed up to do this project. This information includes everyone who is doing the project from our school. We had a fun time planting. Even though it was chilly, we had nice sunny weather, and the children were very excited. Before planting outside we drew pictures of our bulbs, measured them, named them, and made predictions about the month they would grow. As soon as I figure out how to upload our pictures I will share them. ☺

First day of planting

1.Teachers’ names: Michelle Yeron, Susan Davenport, Melanie Sanabria, Tina Torbert, and Andrea Knight.

2. School's Name : Glendale Spanish Immersion Elementary School

3. Address: 800 Thompson Ave. Nashville, TN 37209

4. Country: U.S.A.

5. Grade: first and kindergarten

6. Number of students: approximately 110

7. Where did you plan (outdoor, indoor) We planted our bulbs outside in front of our school and in back of our school near our play grounds. We may also plant a few bulbs in our classroom as well.

8.Kind of bulbs: We are plants both daffodils and tulips

9.Number of bulbs: We have 100 daffodils and 100 tulips

10. Date: 11/30

11. Air temperature (C) 7.2 C or 45 F

12. Soil temperature (C) we didn't have a chance to record this.

13. Coordinates: North

Latitude: 36.097939

Longitude: -86.784016